Light Rail: A Vision for Wellington

Used in combination with rail and bus, modern trams have the potential to transform public transport for Wellington and the region and render more motorways across the city redundant. A tram line running from Wellington station to Courtenay Place, the Regional Hospital in Newtown, and ultimately the airport, would bring a range of benefits for Wellington and the region.

See for yourself light rail on Lambton Quay.


With an interchange at Wellington station, a tram line would extend the reach of the suburban rail network across the CBD and beyond. 

Tram and Train sharing track

Integrating the tram route with rail and bus networks would allow for a great expansion of convenient public transport journeys in the region. The entire regional public transport network would become more attractive to use because the core (and busiest) part of the network would offer a high quality service. International experience demonstrates that where a quality public transport alternative to private motoring exists people will use it.


Trams also have a range of environmental and aesthetic benefits. Being electric powered, and emission free, they are a sustainable and resilient form of transport. They can be put into the existing urban landscape and would not require massive and unsightly infrastructure to be built across a wide swathe of the city.


And what would a tram line cost? A realistic estimate would be around $300m, including a fleet of modern trams. That figure compares well to the sums needed to build a second Mt Victoria Tunnel ($180M) and the Basin Flyover ($80m) and show a tram line is affordable. The real issue is value for money.